Best Camping Tent : Coleman Sundome 6 Person

Realistically, a healthy number of people only go camping once or twice a summer in good conditions, and don’t need all the bells and whistles of the tents above. If this sounds like you, give serious consideration to the Sundome 6 from Coleman, which isn’t made from the fanciest fabrics but likely will got the job done. Most importantly, the price that’s often around $80 is a steal compared to some of the fully-featured tents on this list that are six times that much.

What do you sacrifice by going with such an inexpensive tent? We’ve found the materials feel pretty cheap, including everything from the clips and poles to the tent walls. Also, the rain fly covers the main portion of the tent body but leaves part of the sides exposed. This shouldn’t be an issue in most conditions, but we do prefer full coverage for serious rain and blowing winds. However, the roominess, durability, and weather protection all exceed what we would expect at this price point, which is why we have the Sundome so high on this list.

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Where to get and how much

Well you can find it on amazon.There are price difference depending on the sizes.Click here to see the price.