Best Camping Tent :MSR Papa Hubba NX 4p

Most of the tents on this list truly are of the “camping” variety, meaning they’re heavy enough that you won’t be carrying them more than a few steps from your car. However, there is a whole world of family backpacking tents that also can be taken into the backcountry much farther from civilization. If you don’t mind sacrificing interior space, a family backpacking tent is a very viable option that could save you in the long run—no need to buy a separate backpacking tent when the time comes.

To provide the proper background, the MSR Papa Hubba NX weighs a feathery 6 pounds, 8 ounces. Our top pick, the REI Kingdom, weighs nearly 20 pounds and some tents on this list far exceed that. The biggest sacrifice is interior space and the peak height of 44 inches, which is far less than most camping tents that are 72 inches or more. This means that the Papa Hubba isn’t ideal for things like extended card games and standing up, but we do love the versatility.

Where to get and how much

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