Morakniv Eldris Neck Knife Kit

This backstory leads us on nicely to a discussion of Morakniv’s Eldris Neck Knife Kit. As the brand proclaim on their website, this knife should be considered “a part of you and your adventure.” Speaking as people passionate about getting out there and experiencing the thrill of adventure in remote corners of the planet, and also as people who’ve used this knife on multi-day treks, we’re inclined to agree with this slogan.

We had the chance to test this product 150km north of the Arctic Circle during the Fjällräven Classic in Sweden, and we were impressed by its overall functionality and usability. The knife’s accessory kit here takes what’s already a very good bushcraft blade to the next level; providing you with an easy-to-use fire lighter, a secondary lock for additional knife security, and a paracord rope so you can hang it around your neck.

Morakniv can be traced back to 1891 when Frost-Erik Erson (later to be known as Erik Frost) returned to his home village of Östnor, Mora, after four years in North America. When he opened his very own timbersled factory, little could he know that over 125 years later his company would be considered one of Sweden’s most respected outdoor brands.

Initially, Frost-Erik only made knives for use within his factory. However, production soon escalated. The quality knives produced by Mora made their way around the country in the hands of travelling tradesmen, and through bartering – which only served to increase demand. Because of this demand, it wasn’t long before the knives were being exported throughout Sweden and across the world.

A quick word on style. Admittedly not an area you normally focus on when discussing knives, but we reckon the Eldris has to be one of the most aesthetically-pleasing knives on the market.

It comes in a variety of a different colours; colours that reflect those found in Sweden’s Dalarna county. Colours such as Falu red, inspired by the area’s copper mines, and moss green, inspired by the beautiful forest shades around Lake Siljan.

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How much and Where to buy?

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